The image depicts a man and woman dancing in a Mexico Vivo Folklore setting. They are dressed in traditional costumes and are engaging in a dance performance.

Enjoy these beautiful performances of Folkloric dances by Mexico Vivo Folklore Dance Group. The dances are choreographed by Maria Hillmer, who is a popular dance instructor based in Langley. The performances include a variety of dances from different regions of Mexico, such as ‘Sonajas’ from Michoacan, ‘Son de mi Negra’ from Jalisco, ‘Las Chiapanecas’ from Chiapas, ‘Son Calenda’ from Oaxaca, ‘La Llorona’ from Veracruz, ‘El Jarabe’ from Jalisco, and the grand finale.


Saturday, June 1

55:30 p.m. 

Cultural Dance Stage