The image depicts a group of people from the Mazacote band posing for a photo outdoors. The group consists of men and women dressed in casual clothing, some holding musical instruments like drums. They are all smiling and standing together for the picture.

MAZACOTE is a hard-hitting world/Latin band with deep roots in the music of Colombia, Mozambique and Venezuela. Inspired by Afro-Caribbean percussion and tropical party sounds, they play brass-heavy Latin dance beats with a message!


Their new politically-charged album PATRIA, on Justin Time/Nettwerk Music, draws upon themes of identity, immigration and resistance, reflecting on the plight of those escaping violence and corruption in Latin America and around the world.


Mazacote performs across the globe at music festivals and concerts, bringing their world party vibes to audiences of all ages! Highlights include headlining the Vancouver International Salsa Festival with salsa legend Jimmy Bosch, as well as multiple appearances at CBC Vancouver,  the Harmony Arts Festival, Townsite Jazz Festival, Carnaval del Sol,  the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, the Winterruption Arts and Culture Festival, Edmonton Jazz Fest, Victoria Jazz Fest, Saskjazz Festival, Winnipeg Jazz Fest and the Global Music Festival.


Main Stage

Friday, May 31

8 p.m.–9:30 p.m.